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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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agree journalists faces trial for publishing a list of the country's alleged top tax evaders as media workers strike over threats to freedom of speech. third party us presidential candidate jill stein is a recipe for a minor offense and once again just days ahead of the election what critics claim could which critics claim credit rick thanks to flaws in the voting system. around british prime minister david cameron something approaching defeat over the crucial new budget by the liberal party rebels autonomy response to give more money to the top.
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international news live from moscow this is our she was me. hello and welcome to the program greek reporter and editor cost of oxygen it says g on trial thursday charged with breaching privacy laws this after the paper published the so-called lagarde list containing the names a wealthy greeks with secret swiss bank accounts r.t. contributor irene is a could do to explain. they'll use that tension between their relationship with government and the journalists let couple days ago we saw that mr vaxevanis who is a hope you are journalist the investigative journalist in greece was arrested because he was a keep out of the guard least the way to gold with more than two thousand greek people who have money in debt was it's a nice recent bank this least it is sad that it was given to this then the finance
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minister mr up on sunday no but he never gave it gave it to the government to the responsible to the responsible people to investigate what's going on so mr vaxevanis sung that police and decided to cobble seats and he was arrested for that reason so government was blamed for a sensor see it because it is not possible to have any information for example and not been published many journalists even that simple people say that mr buckles that he knew that then finds ministers to be arrested and not this journalist who revealed the truth. meanwhile to greet cv presenters were suspended on monday also they criticized the minister own a journalist degrees have staged a wave of strikes condemning the government for censorship sociologist donna guilt has sought to raise but raised the quiet down the media on the media reveals a much deeper internal problems. the greek government first brick governments
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second to really have not only refused to actually investigate this latest bad they have they have adopted a very suspicious i didn't you know how least with people who have committed perhaps tax fraud and evasion of those instead of bringing it forward instead of investigating they were just sitting on it. a journalist comes she brings it to the public knowledge which i think it's that it is in the best traditions of journalism and serving the public good and he gets arrested for. breaking up the law in terms of access to the press and those dates which is not present on the data this isn't names of people who have sent money abroad which is a serious issue in a country facing a major economic crisis at the same time i will respect you will respect that to me presenters after the national television were taking off the air were taken off me or simply because they like criticised the minister of interior and justice so
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where is the freedom of press if you combine government attacks and the fact that most major media outlets in greece are run by big corporations you have a problem in what concerns information to create a set an atmosphere that that there must be things that should not be made public that. journalists or especially investigative journalists. play their role and that is bringing things forward breaking things to the public notice and all the bringing of it is house of those developing stories are get done and you can also photo the latest on our website that's on it's head off com. just days before the u.s. presidential election green party kinds that jule styne has been arrested for a second time in two weeks she was trying to reach acts of a protest against an oil pipeline in taxes stein was later released from jail after
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being charged with trespassing grandpas have. a sense that the times have to obama and romney are being sidelined dr stein. was assisting the activists in order to make a statement she was delivering supplies to the protestors i understand that they were camping out in trees they were in the they were in the way of the construction of the pipeline we do know that the last time dr stone was arrested about two weeks ago when she attempted to enter the obama romney debate that was taking place at hofstra university on long island she and running mate cherie hogg alone were detained and handcuffed to a chair for four eight hours before being released the obama romney debates are sponsored by the commission on presidential debates which is itself old by the democratic and republican parties for the express purpose of privileging their own
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candidates and excluding other candidates and we we call that an outrage and third party candidates chill silent gary johnson will get another chance to break the mainstream media blockade right on the eve of the vote else he will ball calls the final round of that debate live on monday. we both agree we agree we have to bring the tax rates down i felt the same as the president did governor romney i'm glad. you agree let's get back to something the president i agree on and there to be you agree that the voters have a choice upsets you wonder who to vote for when romney and obama agree on so many things remember you do have other options come november sixth tune in to see the second round of debates between the major third party candidates right here on our team. with obama and romney is still running neck and neck critics say they closed the race will make it easier to
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regular election some claim they called america's voting system as flawed as it relies on equipment which can easily be tumbled with lack of transparency and accountability as always in the polls. the u.s. a beacon of democracy and an example to be followed by the rest of the world devoted to one big source of pride is its fundamental concept of free and fair elections american elections are a disgrace it's like walking into the kitchen of a first class restaurant and losing or appetite at what you see because we have an election system a voting system that is completely nontransparent an opinion shared by many political experts and educators if you were here. in a magician suit who then went behind a curtain came out having first shredded the ballots to go you won would you trust that process and that process largely to blame is the outdated l tronic voting system in the states where all they have this electronic voting it could be
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a real problem. if you don't have some other type of backup source to verify the vote count. it could be a problem read friedman is an independent award winning blogger who has covered the u.s. election system for years he calls the problem a pandemic and says. change is long overdue every single state in the union uses electronic voting a third of the voters this year will vote on one hundred percent on verifiable touch screen voting systems electronic voting systems. the rest of the country by and large will vote on paper ballots but those paper ballots are also counted by electronic systems unless you can see inside a computer there is no way to know if those computers tallied those ballots correctly several experiments conducted on electronic voting machines have proven that simple keystrokes and some knowledge of science and computers could flip results the circuitry inside the machine clears being created in numbers and insert
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the correct numbers experts say the accuracy of the vote count even with people a trail is a myth in the ninety nine percent plus percent of the cases those ballots never see the light of day or never examined never reach out to basically american elections at this point have virtually zero claim on public confidence and which intimacy the rules and specific ations of how lections are held very locally and state by state four thousand different counties each of them use a different type of system a different type of voting system each of them have different flaws different vulnerabilities one particular company that makes electronic voting machines in the us has earned a dubious reputation for unverifiable results as records vanish into thin air i go to an a.t.m. and it's a debug machine i get a confirmation slip and i go around the corner to vote and i you know make my vote and there's no record deeble don't other voter machine production companies are also known to have strong partisan affiliations they are not accountable to any
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voters. they are not just private but but private and extreme in their political sympathies democrats don't actually win that many elections to be precise democrats almost never win close elections and the trick therefore is to see to it that. a race is or looks close improving the election process in this digital age doesn't appear to be on anyone's agenda and putting barack obama's our president who won't talk ever about election fraud and denies that it has ever happened even when you know members of his own party have been the victims of it and while the number of reported flaws grows with each passing election over the past decade since two thousand when i think congress was pretending to want to make things better what has happened is things have gotten much much worse it appears stealing an election in the us maybe a candidates certain way to secure a win it's easy as one two three in this digital age of smartphones tablets and
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satellite navigation systems american voters will head to the polls this november to cast their ballots using antiquated and unreliable voting machines machines that will ultimately determine who will lead this nation in much need of its own repairs and pretty new york. coming up later in the program standing up to. a regime that says in bahrain to fly up on a public gatherings as the government is sensitive censured by rights groups for suppressing basic freedoms. the first signs of friction with any government come to light ahead of next year's elections were revealed why iran is becoming a stumbling. government no longer represents the freedom. of the people we're going to start from.
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the way our economic system. well. i. think. the. forty kilograms of rice once.
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in a bad mood. to fill the group. is a done deal. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you. are is a big picture. this is not he welcome back british prime minister david cameron has suffered a massive blow from his own policy wish revolted against the country's funding of
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the euro skeptic tour is joining forces with the opposition and approved a motion that calls for the u.k.'s contraflow to brussels to become it and this is cameron's first significant defeat in parliament since taking palin twenty tan sapphire that has the details from london apart but we saw a very passionate debate in the house of commons in a defeat also the. before prime minister david cameron they were debating the negotiating position of the budget the fifty plus tory. benches. the real turn card scripture in the e.u. budget between twenty forty and twenty twenty you know the very minimum they want to be for users of the david cameron's position the government's position was that when they get to these negotiations that are happening in brussels in a couple of weeks time meeting with european leaders they were going for was to have a rise in line with inflation which would have been about fifty percent well that
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was not really good enough it was very interesting in the house of commons there's obviously saw a lot of the m.p.'s for the first time talking and standing up for the voice of their constituents there's been a very very strong feeling that with such titles thirty most is. people think it simply isn't fair to the to be asking for their budget increase we heard one person saying not a penny more that was the message from the people that he was speaking to as he said a very very impassioned debate is not going to be binding on the prime minister but it's certainly going to be putting him under pressure when he doesn't use european leaders in brussels later in the month in bahrain protesters have defied a recent ban on public gatherings by flooding into the streets of the capital manama they're demanding the ruling sunni monarchy release political prisoners and put a nudge to discrimination authorities brought in the new regime to stay claiming the rise which has been ongoing for almost two years now posed
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a threat to national unity international human rights groups have called on the state to immediately live divine saying it violates basic freedoms up to eighty people have been killed and thousands arrested since the start of the rest for more opposition and he. says nothing is being done to stop government killings. this is against article seventeen of the constitution and it is against the international act of political and civil rights which is part of the local law here actually over the past year and. three shows were very peaceful very peaceful not the senior old has been there the only the greater and all the list peaceful and was of course the attack by the government police the problem is that over the past few months or so when people who were killed by the government. and also lots of people of the torture in the region and
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there is no nothing being done against the government has ensued five billion dollar just recently from the very beginning of just to support it in this atrocity is nearly actually the way it is is doing just that the money all over the world in the public relations is just to clear. supply its image why it is killing its people. by foreign army actually from pakistan from all over the world . now the gulf state kuwait security forces have climbed down on a thousand strong march against the detention of an opposition leader the crowd headed towards a prison where the former m.p. is held for critical comments about the country's western leader but horse talked with tear gas down smiled bottles this comes amid rising tension other changes to kuwait's election law the opposition's blaming the government for using education
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to favor pro regime candidates in next month's parliamentary poll. u.s. attempts to overthrow syrian president bashar assad have taken a new turn with secretary of state clinton calling for a major reshaping of the. a rebel leadership has a grown disillusioned with you as main opposition alliance the national council for failing to gain support from other groups clinton claims the leadership should represent those fighting on the front line the syrian opposition consists of various rebel militias many of which have reportedly been infiltrated by radical islamists links to al qaeda. the international space station has been forced to change its orbit to avoid collision with the remains of an american satellite maneuvers work carried out successfully and the station is now located one kilometer further away from earth the news came hours after a russian cargo spacecraft docked with the ice as with two point five tons of vital
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supplies on board. israel has once again stepped up with anti iran rhetoric prime minister binyamin netanyahu has been pushing for more outside pressure on toronto stifle it on the conditions during a visit to france the premier cold for tougher sanctions on the islamic republic is this why the israeli defense minister ehud barak's claims to run had slowed if alleged nuclear weapons program and as are his policy reports if the left take matters that line behind the contrasts of remarks. such comments are certainly part of the political game that has intensified here in israel ahead of the early general elections that are now going to be held next year until now barack has stood firmly in the same campus his prime minister benjamin netanyahu both have repeatedly warned against is the nuclear capability of iran and have warned of an impending israeli strike we saw in it and yahoo not so long ago at the united nations general assembly drawing a red line but what many experts here in israel say is that that was
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a red line by which israel would strike iran rather than a red line in terms of a deadline by which tehran would acquire nuclear capability but rock heads up his own political party and certainly what he is trying to do now is distance himself from netanyahu on the whole iran question he is trying to appeal to voters who have not yet decided and this division between them does seem to suggest brock's saying that netanyahu may not have been completely truthful around the iranian nuclear threat certainly there is a division not only on this level but in the greater political elite here in israel although the question is still unanswered whether or not israel plans to strike iran and if indeed it does win policy r.t. jerusalem. found on our website r.t. dot com right now for you the national rover curiosity discovers the red planet has quite a lot in common with how why. and on the waves of hunger are rising intraparty and
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upset people. discovered a chunk of tsunami relief fund has been spent on unrelated projects these stories and much more for you right now on our website. human rights activists in the u.k. are raising the alarm but the fight against terrorism is being used as an excuse for racial profiling and harassment. reports now on the claim that intelligence agents have resorted to prosecution rather than protection. somali born marty hashi had grown up in the u.k. from the age of five he was a british citizen until this summer when the twenty three year old went missing and his family found out that the home office had stripped him of his passport for allegedly being involved in islamic extremism his parents are distraught they say that mahdi is an innocent victim of a british intelligence plot because he refused to work for m i five. is that
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he's a muslim and believes and he's a practicing muslim but being a muslim is not being an islamist. that's what that's always been victimized this is the quiet north london community center where mehdi hashi worked back in two thousand and nine it was then that he and four of his muslim colleagues say that they were approached and harassed separately by security agents it's claimed that m i five threatened to label them islamic extremists if they refused to become informants for british intelligence campaigners raising awareness for maddie's plight said that the constant threats made by british intelligence made life so unbearable that he left the u.k. they were trying to offer him a job. saying that you know effectively you're an extremist we know your the only way out of this is for you to come and work for us to come and help us these will become tactics that will be used because somali origin this is
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a purely racist profiling policy of the british government and particular security agencies marty had been living in somalia for the past two years taking care of his grandmother and raising a son of his own but several months ago he disappeared leaving his family in despair my son is missing this summer this summer but i don't know if you know if he lived or died here. we are very wooded although all the family the only information the hashi family have now comes from a man who contacted them to say that he'd been in prison with matty in djibouti and he told us that he had. d.n.a. has been taken from him and then. contacted to find out that his approach is in the conduct of the british council and the british consul see that we have order to move this decision from him and then the americans took him to. somewhere we don't
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know they don't know but they fear he's being held at camp in djibouti and a tourist u.s. anti terrorist base where he may be the victim of an american rendition program in which suspects are unlawfully taken to third party states to be illegally detained and tortured the hashi family want on says to simple questions like what the allegations are against maddie where he is located and whether he's even alive but when it comes to matters of intelligence they're faced with a wall of silence lawyers acting on behalf of the hashi family have received just this response from the government. has been successive governments nizer to confirm nor deny speaker lation allegations or assertion in respect of intelligence matters this policy is maintained into could only disagree. denies the allegations made on behalf of your client. these cases
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a classic case of where profiling and kind of almost ludicrous policies within this war on terror have resulted in an innocent individual helpless young effectively having their life ruined campaigners say that by stripping maddie hashi of his passport the british government has effectively washed their hands of his case leaving his family to continue the search for aunt says about their now stateless son. r t london and in a few minutes we're explore cases of bride snatching in kurdistan that's coming up after the break to stay with us. government no longer represents the people. the people are going to take the trip.
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in the traditional split in the middle east. the way our economic system. is not going to. live. up. to. what will change when america picks its president amid muslim rage walking the tightrope pushing china and russia as occupy anger spreads to parties still dictate the will
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there. the selection of close guy every day to them for fifty yards he. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world's hot spots skiffy r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you. in trying. to find out more visit our big teeth. more news today is once again flared up. these are the images girls world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.
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week after the ceremony. house and kept in a room for seven days the young wife will have to spend time with her husband so she can know him she's never even kissed him embraced him held his hand before. can be certain that the groom has ever even proposed. if he simply. was also a bride once over there was no white dress sold limousine at her wedding. husband. she ran away to hang.


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